From a concrete railway sleeper to pure steel and ballast in less than 9 seconds.

Since 1990, our machines have been constantly adapted to the toughest conditions. They've been refined and perfected. The M100 is emblematic of this development. With an unloaded weight of 100 tons, it is 22 meters long, 9 meters wide, and 6 meters in height – it is nevertheless easy to move. With its hydraulic stanchions, it can be disassembled in just a few hours and transported using conventional flat-bed trucks. It can also move under its own power at a speed of up to 3 km/h using the caterpillars on its underside, and can thus be easily repositioned to wherever it's needed.

Its main task is to process concrete railway sleepers. With a caterpillar tread conveyor on its top, it conveys one railroad tie after another into the crusher. This crusher makes short work of the sleepers, whose crushed constituents are then separated with a system of conveyor belts. Finally, the long iron bars are ejected at the front of the machine. On the left side of the machine, the fine-grained ballast is separated from the short pieces of iron (plates) and wetted by water nozzles, if necessary, to prevent the formation of dust. The M100 is driven by a 500-watt diesel engine enabling it to process more than 400 concrete railway sleepers per hour. Irrespective of the weight or composition of the ties, the M100 always delivers high performance. The machine can be operated by just one single excavator operator. For the excavator, we use a Liebherr LH30 Industry with a driver's cabin that can be elevated hydraulically and a 13-meter-long arm. With various different attachments for the excavator arm, it's possible to perform a variety of tasks. Whether you want to lift sleepers onto the caterpillar tread conveyor belt or clear away the processed material, the machine can continue working at the same time.
The machine also works in an entirely dust-free manner, and is certified and approved for all areas (e.g., noise emissions, CE certification, occupancy certification, Technical Inspectorate certification, etc.).

The end products are another sensation. They are directly divided into three piles. The machine achieves a separation purity of more than 99.8% with regards to long iron component (steel wire), short iron (plates), and ballast with a granularity of 0 – 80 mm. These three end products are then ready to be immediately trucked away. From an intact concrete railway sleeper to pure steel and ballast in less than nine seconds.