Experts for more than three decades

We have been active since the early 1990s and have been running our machines at full speed ever since. More than 12,000,000 railroad sleepers have passed through our crushing plants so far, becoming high-quality products again in the steel industry and construction sector.

Our core business: the recycling of concrete railway sleepers

Nothing is too big, too small, too hard or too soft for our crushers. They are so-called " all-rounders". No matter what type of sleeper it is, our crushers can cope with them all. From the longest turnout sleepers to the Type B 70 concrete sleepers and even the smallest single-block sleepers, they all disappear into our impact crushing plants within a very short time, are crushed, sorted and transported away. Our average daily production of recycling railway sleepers is 4,200 per machine.

Since our jaw crushers do not stop at concrete sleepers, they can of course also crush and sort any type of reinforced concrete and stone. This means that we can also process building rubble, concrete walls or crush concrete and other products made of reinforced concrete with ease. Furthermore, we can also crush natural stones like rocks, limestone and even granite in large quantities and sort it into different grain sizes.

Our biggest advantage? We are mobile! Even the heart of our machinery - the 110-tonne M100 - is fully autonomous, mobile by caterpillar and transportable in individual parts.

Our mobile crushing plants thus allow us to go directly to the places where we are needed. Any transport of the sleepers is thus superfluous, as they are still recycled on site and their final materials are taken away.

We come where you need us.