The application areas of our machinery

  Areas of application for our machines
The application areas of our machinery

Railway sleepers

Our machines are highly adaptable. But in one area of task they are unbeatable. When it comes to recycling concrete railroad sleepers our crushing plants perform exceptionally well. Regardless of the size, condition, crushability or weight of the sleeper it is entirely broken down into its components within a maximum of 8.6 seconds crushing time. Even if the sleepers do not come to us, we will come to the sleepers. Thanks to tracks, our crushers are autonomously mobile. Even the 110-tonne M100 reaches a speed of up to 3 km/h. So we are always in motion.

Reinforced concrete and construction waste

Reinforced concrete and construction waste can also be crushed with ease by our concrete crushers. As with the concrete sleepers, the steel is separated from the other materials to provide a steel-free rubble, which can then be fed directly onto further crushers. This crushed material is completely free of metallic parts and is cubically grained to a size up to 100 mm.

Gravel quarries

The concrete crushers are not only designed to crush reinforced concrete, but are definitely also suitable for crushing stony materials and natural stone and breaking them down to specific sizes and grains. Through our self-modified rock crushing systems, we are able to regulate the flow rates of the materials and their grain size.


Our crushers are also ideally suited for mining companies. The crushers can either be equipped with feed bunkers or with their own feed conveyors mounted on the plants themselves, depending on individual needs. Another alternative is direct feeding into the crushing plant by external conveyor belts. Our rock crushers have such a capacity that they can even process and sort large quantities of ore-containing materials in a very short time.

All our crushing plants and systems are made of long-tested and specially developed parts, which make them resistant to extreme temperatures and any environmental influences.
Even the conveyor belts of our crushing plants were developed by ourselves to make them resistant to even the finest concrete dust.