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Dust control with the mobile irrigation tank by DeconX

Beat the dust formation. With the BT255, you have the perfect dust suppression system. The mobile irrigation tank is an ideal dust control system for mobile construction sites, quarries, mines and more.

Dust is not only suppressed with the BT255 as soon as it arises, but the formation is prevented.

The BT255 is a fully autonomous and mobile system, which contains a tank capacity of 5 cubic meters of water and has its own power generator. Thus, the mobile irrigation tank can be placed anywhere it is needed.

The tank has two sprinklers and a hose connection with a range of 25m (75 feet) each. A wireless remote control with various autonomous watering programs is included.


L x W x H (cm)
230 x 215 x 250 [90,5 x 84,6 x 98,4 inches]

Empty weight (Kg)
1.400 [3080 lbs]

Tank capacity (liters of water)
5.000 [1320 gallons]

6,0 kW Diesel

Special models available on request.

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Mobile Irrigation Tank BT255 - DeconX - YouTube